“By starting with high expectations for quality and hard work, we provide the finest wines to our customers.”

— Vincent Liberatore

In 1995 Vince, with a passion for wine, had a vision of being able to provide the Ontario market with the finest of Italian wines, “I started with the intention of putting some quality wines on the tables of homes in Ontario. I wanted to ensure that they experienced what Italian wines had to offer. Our goal remains the same, we only use top wine producers, regardless of their size or location.”

Through this passion and dedication, Vinaio has become an award winning wine agency. The portfolio continues to grow and includes wines from the “New World” and spirits. Vinaio continues to offer quality and value at all levels. The wines are presently sold in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

The Falcon

Why the “Falcon” in our logo? It represents integrity, pride and strength. For centuries vineyard owners have used falcons as natural protection for the grapes when they are at their most vulnerable from small bird attacks that can wipe out a crop in days. Simply by showing up and flying around keeps the grapes safe.

Our Mission Statement

We are passionate about exceeding customer expectations and achieving our business goals through innovation and providing quality brands.

Our Values

Our Service

Our Service

Vinaio holds high expectations for service, we deliver on our promises and expect high quality when it comes to servicing our customers.

Our customers can place orders all day, every day, we have specialized sales representatives that exclusively tend to our customers needs, both within the LCBO stores and with our private consignment customers.

We have delivery trucks on the road everyday to service the private consignment portion of our business and ensure our customers receive their orders as promised.

Our Awards

The ELSIE Awards recognize the contributions of our trade partners in areas such as:

  • Social responsibility
  • Forecasting accuracy
  • Special events, advertising and value­‐added campaigns
  • Product excellence

Vinaio has received ELSIE’s for:

  • Best Niche Marketing 2012: STLTO (#232272 & #232322)
  • Best Special Event: Now That’s Italian – Ciao Italia
  • Best Special Event: Spinelli Wines Vespa Contest
  • Best NEW Product Launch Wines: Mille Lire Montepulciano